For your convenience, we’ve created the program in two formats for you to download. 


GRC Board Meeting Vet School
17.00 Icebreaker and registration Windarra
17.30 Welcome to Country by Bindal Elder Windarra
18.30 Dinner at your leisure Riverside Tavern


8.00 Registration Uni Halls
8:30 Opening and keynote Uni Halls
9:30 Coffee Balcony
Moderator: Thomas Waltzek
Uni Halls
9:45 Species-dependent amplification of Ranavirus prevalence and infection severity in multi-host amphibian communities. D. Lesbarrères
10:00 Multiple Frog virus 3-like ranaviruses at a single site causes mortality events in both amphibians and reptiles. M.C. Allender
10:15 American Bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) as potential disease reservoirs in Vermont and Brazilian amphibian communities L.V. Ash
10:30 A surveillance study links the African clawed frog with the introduction of ranavirus to Chile C. Soto-Azat
Ranavirus Experimental Ecology, Epidemiology, and diagnostics
Moderator: Kuttichantran Subramaniam
10:45 Evaluating the within-host dynamics of Ranavirus infection with mechanistic disease models and experimental data J. Brunner
11:00 Partial validation of molecular diagnostic assays for the detection of ranaviruses T. Waltzek
11:15 Experimental infection of Polish freshwater fish with European Sheatfish Iridovirus (ESV) E. Borzym
11:30 Sublethal effects of wild-type and an VIF-2A-knockout Frog virus 3 on post-metamorphic wood frogs (Rana sylvatica) D. Lesbarrères
11:45 Lunch Balcony
Co-Infections with Ranavirus
Moderator: Jesse Brunner
13.00 Co-Infections Meeting Summary J. Robert
13:30 A survey of Australian lizards for Ranavirus and Adenovirus A. Maclaine
13:45 GRC General Meeting Uni Halls
14.30 Coffee and Poster Session Balcony
15:45 Regional Discussion Meetings Uni Halls
17.00 Guided tour across campus – plants and birds Campus
18.00 Tour of Turtle Health Research Facility Caraplace
18.30 BBQ Vet school
19.30 Spotlighting on campus Campus
20.30 Pick up and return to tavern / accommodation


8.25 Morning Announcements and Welcome Uni Halls
Ranavirus Molecular Biology, Immunology and Pathology
Moderator: David Lesbarrères
8:30 Ranavirus Phylodynamics T. Waltzek
8:45 Investigation of Ranavirus replisome and transcriptome proteins by isolation of proteins on nascent DNA Q-Y. Zhang
9:00 The genomic sequence of Largemouth bass virus and the evolutionary relationship within the genus Ranavirus (family Iridoviridae) K. Subramaniam
9:15 Importance MHC-like/innate-like T cell immune surveillance system in amphibian defenses against ranavirus infection. J. Robert
9:30 Characterizing the host hematologic and cytokine transcription response following an experimental challenge in Red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) at two environmental temperatures M.C. Allender
9:45 Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase from orange spotted grouper inhibits iridovirus and nodavirus replication and entry through enzyme activity dependent mechanisms Q. Qin
10:00 Coffee and Poster Session Balcony
BioSecurity and other iridoviruses
Moderator: Claudio Soto – Azat
Uni Halls
11.00 Risks to Australia’s biosecurity from the trade of ornamental fish J. Becker
11:15 Detecting infection in trade with individual samples, pooled samples, and environmental DNA J. Brunner
11:30 Phylogenomic Characterization of Squamate Erythrocytic Iridoviruses K. Subramaniam
11.45 Lunch Balcony
13.00 Round Table Discussion – Diagnostics Uni Halls
13:30 Round Table Discussion – Taxonomy Uni Halls
13:45 Breakout Discussions
Ecology, Surveillance and Epidemiology
Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Pathology
Uni Halls
Multiple Rooms
14.30 Coffee Balcony
14.45 Workshops:
Modelling – Jesse Brunner
Biosecurity – Ellen Ariel
Uni Halls
16.45 Closing of conference Uni Halls
17.00-17.30 GRC Board meeting Uni Halls
18.30 Dinner – poster prizes and awards Yacht Club


8.00 Field trips – two choices Billabong Sanctuary or Freshwater turtle monitoring
13.00 Picnic lunch in the rainforest Bowling Green National Park
14.00 Swim or walk Bowling Green National Park
15.00 Heading back to ‘civilisation’